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Welcome to the Open-Xchange software repository. Here you can access the complete offering of Open-Xchange. Some parts can only be accessed with a username and passwords.Usually, this account can be obtained in buying maintenance and registering in our Customer Portal

Please also check our Knowledgebase for instructions on how to install the software you can find here.

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Importing the Open-Xchange Buildkey

Open-Xchange rpm packages are signed with the Open-Xchange build gpg public key and the apt repository is signed according to Open-xchange provides the following public keys

  • You will find further information at

    Open-Xchange Product Licenses

    Open-Xchange offers products based on open source technologies that have proven quality in millions of deployments. The open source software is in continuous development by Open-Xchange together with a massive open source community. In addition, Open-Xchange encompasses third-party technology available under open source licensing. Licenses relevant for respective versions of Open-Xchange can be found at: